The heaviest woman has made the impossible by losing 250 Kg of her weight


Since her very early childhood, Iman Ahmed Abdulati who recently turned 39 has never been able to leave her bed. She weighs about 500 Kg. The Egyptian fat lady is actually dependent on her own family as far as personal expenses and physical efforts are concerned. She can’t even do regular tasks relying on her personal efforts. here is a photo of her before she lost half her weight. 

Iman was born with 5Kg of weight. She has developed a serious medical condition called elephantiasis which is witnessed through a sever swelling in both limbs and disruption of the internal glands making the levels of water extremely high in her overall body which goes beyond the normal rate. When she started walking, she used to do so with her both hands as a supporting organ. Shortly after, she developed a sever stroke which worsens her condition further.

Iman has remained in this serious condition which makes her imprisoned in her room since then. The family members are all worried about her state and they thought she would die soon!

An Indian medical stuff charged of Iman’s checkup has recently revealed that Iman known as the fattest woman in the world has lost half of her weight after undergoing a surgical intervention.

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