Science tells how often you need to wash your hair


Most of us would think that proper hair hygiene is based on the number of times you clean it on a daily basis. Surprisingly enough, this is a misleading thought. It is scientifically believed that daily washing will harm your hair and weakens it! It’s just like a silk blouse which can lose its shine and size being washed repeatedly. Hair is like fabric as Abraham Sprinkle, celebrity hairstylist and member of the Keratin Complex International Creative Team suggested. In the following lines, you are going to discover terrific facts about hair hygiene

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2If you have a thick straight hair:

this type of hair needs more styling efforts and you can make long intervals between washes to make your hair more manageable. You can choose a shampoo with smoothing qualities or a one contains keratin or Argan oil. A thick strong hair can look extra shiny as suggest Papanikolas.