Unbelievable! miraculous transformation of a Spanish homeless man


Palma de Mallorca, the very widely known Spanish province is where resides a homeless guy who spent 25 years wandering through its streets. Jose Antonio is a former electrician who had an accident many years ago. Therefore, he lost his job after being diagnosed with a chronic mental disorder and a severe state of depression.

Salva Garcia is the owner of a top rated hair salon. Every day, he parks his car in the parking where Jose works as an unauthorized parking attendant. He suggested on Jose to have his hair cut for appearance reasons so he can find a job.

The complete story of transformation was publicly followed and then captured in a short film El Espíritu plaza (The Spirit of the Square), showing the incredible changing of Jose!

Salvajeria is the famous hair salon mentioned before. As a part of their third year celebration, the salon staff wanted to do something incredible! It was actually incredible!

Jose has received a total makeover: They dyed his long hair in brown so that he will look younger. Meanwhile, he had his hair cut without granting him the opportunity to look at himself throughout a mirror.

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